Greetings Camping Families,

We will be gathering at Alexander Springs Park in just 6 days for our Family Camping Trip. In an effort to get everyone on the same page we have attached a PDF with details about our trip. Please use this as a tool for making preparations.

Things You Need To Know

Family Campout Agreement

Family Campout Agreement
I understand section: Please review with your family.
I understand that the purpose of this trip is to spend time with my family away from the “noise” at home.
I understand that this Family Camping trip is alcohol-free.
I understand that not every minute of our time will be scheduled. (Make your own fun.)
I understand that this Family Camping trip is technology-free. (NO phones for kids. Parents may keep a phone for time, alarms, & pictures. NO posting pics until we leave on Sunday.)
I understand that I am responsible for my children’s safety and well-being.
I understand that attending this trip includes participating in games, sessions, and meals together as a group.
I understand that I’m to be part of the solution, not the problem.
I understand that complaining will fall on deaf ears.
I agree