Greetings BSFAM Volunteer Team,
First of all, thank you for serving at Building Strong Families. Your servant hearts are helping families learn together… and together we can do more.
• This month we have 93 people total.
• Breakdown: 7 (infants-PreK), 15 (elementary), 18 (MS & HS) children, 37 (adults), and 16 (volunteers).
We are discussing THREE things in this email:
#1 – FOOD
If you plan on eating with us, please bring a galloon drink (water, fruit punch, lemonade, tea, OR a 2 liter drink). No need to sign up. (EXCEPTIONS: Juul & Reno because of entire family coming).
I’m asking for some additional help this evening at 4pm finalizing the decor for walls & stage. 
Also attached (below button) is the schedule for the night. You’ll see “what to do and when”. We will meet at 4:50pm at LP for our 5pm Team Meeting. If you are late, you will miss out on what is happening. NOTE: We are playing games outside (as permitted by weather).
Thanks again for everything. Please let me know if you have ANY questions.
Looking forward to serving with you,
-Matt & Steph